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Material                Plastic
Color                      Black / Clear / White
Thickness            Regular / Strong / Extra Strong

22X24-REG 22" x 24" (L*H) 500 (CS)
26" x 36" (L*H) 250 (CS)
26X36-S 26" x 36" (L*H) 200 (CS)
26X36-XS 26" x 36" (L*H) 150 (CS)
30X38-REG 30" x 38" (L*H) 200 (CS)
30X38-S 30" x 38" (L*H) 150 (CS)
30X38-XS 30" x 38" (L*H) 125 (CS)
35X50-REG 35" x 50" (L*H) 150 (CS)
35X50-S 35" x 50" (L*H) 125 (CS)
35X50-XS 35" x 50" (L*H) 100 (CS) 
  • Each size comes in three different thickness: regular, strong, and extra strong tailoring to users' needs

  • Different color options available: black, clear, and white
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