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Material                Plastic
Color                     White

TC-950-PS-FORK 3-3/4" (L) 30,000 (CS) Fruit/ Cake Forks
FORK-LP 5-3/4" x 1" (D*H) 1000 (CS) Standard size & style
FORK-TOUCH 5-3/4" x 1" (L*W) 1000 (CS)
FORK-POLAR 6" x 1" (L*W) 1000 (CS)
FORK-DIXIE 6" x 1" (L*W) 1000 (CS)
FORK-POLAR-ECO 6" (L) 1000 (CS)
FORK-DIXIE-FM217 6" (L) 1000 (CS)
  • Come in a variety of styles 
  • durable and versatile in use


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